I'm a 24 year old Photographer from the North West Highlands of Scotland and have built this site to publish and sell my work. My specialised areas include Landscape, Seascape and Cityscape. 
Growing up in Clachtoll,  Sutherland, the dramatic terrain of the Northwest Highlands of Scotland really inspired my passion for land and seascape photography. Starting life in a small crofting village  meant that my twin brother and I had to make the most of our rural surroundings, using the land as our own personal playground. I grew familiar with each hill, loch and inlet scattered around the coast. With that particular area of the highlands being such an important part of the fishing industry I spent a lot of time out fishing on the family boat and off the rocky coastline.

In my late teens I took the leap and moved down to Edinburgh, "The Big Smoke". I soon took to city life and fell in love with the Architecture of the city. The meeting of old stone, concrete and glass acted as a muse to my photography and somewhat "cemented" architectural photography as a favourite of mine.

After spending some time in Edinburgh I decided it was time to broaden my horizons and travel. This took me to Australia, Spain, Cyprus and France, giving me a chance to capture different photos in the most picturesque of places.  

All of this was pivotal in shaping my upbringing and has influenced me to look to photography as a career.


I have been lucky enough to be interviewed by STV, The Northern Times and Assynt news, each with published articles about my NHS ward scheme in which I donated prints to nhs facilities and care homes. The reaction to the scheme was very humbling as it gained a uk-wide reach and continues to acquire interest months on.

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